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St. John’s Shorts September 6th

September 6, 2019

St. John’s Shorts September 6th
7pm & 9pm



High Street Productions presents Ecstasy of Gold – by Jeremy Nolan
Theatre Perimetric presents SNATCH – by Robyn Vivian
Lone Wolf Productions presents Invictus – by Fionn Shea

Ladies Who Lunch present I Live to Serve: A Science Fiction Radio Drama – by Phil Goodridge 
Staged Fright present One for the Road – by Harold Pinter
Different Strokes presents Log Kya Kahenge? – by Prajwala Dixit

Ecstasy of Gold: A brother and sister are on their way to British Columbia with dreams of the 19th Century Gold Rush. As desperation hits they come across a lonely prospector making the opposite trek home. Tensions boil over the campfire’s heat as both party’s demons creep from the shadows. L V

SNATCH: What if you could live in a memory? Talk to yourself? What would you say? SNATCH, a surrealist glimpse at the reality of domestic violence, asks these questions. Told through the separation of Innocence and Experience, it is an exploration of liminal space- the transitory, fleeting points in life. In the false dichotomies of love and hate, sickness and health, past and future, survivors of abuse are often left behind; lost in transit. SNATCH aims to help us look at the fragments left in between with the nuance, sensitivity, and compassion they deserve. A L V

Invictus: Jack Kenyon mans the radio on the U.S.S. Barnett during the invasion of Normandy, obsession haunting his mind. Talia, a young political refugee, struggles to exist in the New World. Invictus is the trauma-fueled tale of two lives, caught up in the wrath of chance and cycles of world war, familial strife combining with childlike glee to question the extent of human agency. As Jack’s obsessive world bleeds through his tough facade, Talia fabricates a new truth — and together they weave a tale of political strife, longing, trauma, and hope for a brighter future. 

I Live to Serve is a thrilling original science fiction tale written in the style of radio plays from times gone by.

On a bright and sunny day, travelling salesman Mr. Crisp arrives at the suburban home of one Mrs. Evelyn Porter. Little do they know, their cordial interaction will soon descend into a terrifying game of cat and mouse with a creature from beyond the stars!

The theatre will transform into a recording studio from the past as four voice actors and one foley artist bring this terrifying story to life!

One for the Road is a thought experiment in tyranny and oppression by the prolific Theatre of the Absurd writer Harold Pinter. It follows the story of a family of three who are held as political prisoners by an insidious government official. Walking the line between Black Comedy and nail biting Horror/Drama, this play explores the isolating and degrading effects of living under a government with uncontrolled power. A V

Log Kya Kahenge?: People, many a time, base life changing decisions, on one question – What will people think? Or Log Kya Kahenge?

Exploring this complex occurrence, Log Kya Kahenge? weaves a poignant, bilingual story of a parent coming to terms with their child’s choice. Inspired by Hasan Minhaj’s special ‘Homecoming King,’ the narrative boldly touches upon intercultural relationships and racism through South-Asian Muslim characters, a first for Newfoundland and Labrador.

The show takes place in two gardens in which the child is sowing a seed and the parent is killing Cuscata, a parasitic weed. Through a conversation, the parent is suddenly thrown in the midst of their child’s reality, challenged by the social norms that binds them.

Parental love knows no bounds but will it by shackled by the age-old question – Log Kya Kahenge? Will the parent and child see eye to eye? Will their worlds become one?

A: Contains adult content or language

L: Contains loud or abrupt noises

V: Contains violence


September 6, 2019