RCA Theatre Company presents a Significant Other Series (SOS) Production in association with NAX: Drinking again by Lois Brown.

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The Telegram – http://www.thetelegram.com/living/entertainment/2017/5/10/lois-brown-pours-another-winner-at-the-lspu-hall.html

Live Magazine! Volume 2 Issue #6 Curated by Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown, curator of the evening – Last night was the best! Thank you Resource Centre For The Arts for inviting me to curate a night of amazing women who are inspiring, supportive, badass and creating/sharing really wonderful art. Throat singing, belly dancers, visual artist and a punk show. My heart! ❤️ thank you all!

RCA Presents White Rooster’s Kate Crackerberry

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The Telegram – http://www.thetelegram.com/living/entertainment/2017/3/26/-kate-crackerberry–a-hit-at-st–john-s-lspu-hall.html

Gloria Hickey (blogger) – http://gloriahickeycraftwriter.blogspot.ca/2017/03/kate-crackerberry-works-magic.html

Audience Member – It was such a fantastic show! The Bishop Field kids were so enthralled watching it on Wednesday.  And Melanie Ozon: Such beautiful work on the puppet’s outfits!

Audience Member – An earnest and authentic performance of a fairy story. Told with a distinctive Newfoundland voice, it is particularly appealing to young girls.

Audience Member – Thank you for making a wonderful play that could be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Live Magazine! For Youngsters! Volume 2, Issue 5. Curated by Sarah Smellie

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Ritchie Perez, photographer, audience member and father – “Live Magazine for Youngsters, a great little event that I took my kids last night at the LSPU Hall. The talents made my kids smile all night and empowered them. It was nice to see an alternative band, a puppet show, and improv all in one night. I was interested, and not once they asked to go home early. Let’s see more of this! loved every minute of it! i think it was the combination, and it was almost an alternative to what is normally seen around here for kids. it was like we didn’t just come for one themed performance. it was diverse. hooray!!!! i want more!”

Girls Rock NL – Wow! what a great time we had @Live Magazine! For Youngsters! Volume 2 Issue 5. It was wonderful to see some campers from last year! Haley and Darcy’s new band ‘Nerve Damage’ were awesome! We also caught up with some members from Swagway – happy to hear Elizabeth is still playing bass and Kaleigh got up on stage to participate with ‘Shorts’ for some improv.  Rock on!

RCA Presents Hard Ticket Theatre’s Constellations by Nick Payne


VOCM – https://soundcloud.com/user-881841389/rca-lspu-constellations-mark-bradbury

The Telegram – http://www.thetelegram.com/living/entertainment/2017/2/21/lovers-in-an-alternate-time0.html

Andrew Loman – https://www.facebook.com/andrew.loman.10/posts/10154902921246291

NTV – http://ow.ly/BNdc309jV5I

Live Magazine! Multi-Curated, Multi-Disciplinary, tons of fun!

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Amanda Bullman, Curator of Live Magazine! Issue #1 – “The RCA has done such a great job with these events. They listened to my ideas, let me curate the show, and just gave the artists so much support. It’s hard to find paying gigs in this city (let alone in this economy) and to be able to tell a group of artists that they are all being paid fairly was such a great feeling. Hosting this show was honestly one of my favourite things I’ve ever done. I laughed and smiled more on that Monday than on any other Monday. I know that this month’s curator is going to knock it out of the park. Jason Wells is such a special person! Please go and support the show!”

Jenn Brown, Member of the local community, audience member and Executive Director of the St John’s International Women’s Film Festival – “Keep these events up! I’m sad to have missed this one but your new programming is really connecting a diverse group of artists and arts fans. Nice work!”

RCA Theatre Company Presented Secret Theatre’s Landline: St John’s to Calgary. As Part of the 31st Annual High Performance Rodeo in Collaboration with One Yellow Rabbit, AB.

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http://www.thetelegram.com/living/entertainment/2017/1/26/theatre-production-links-calgary–st–johns-audiences-in-real-ti.html – Wendy Rose, The Telegram

https://www.facebook.com/andrew.loman.10/posts/10154825392151291 – Andrew Loman

Habib’s Unforgettable All Night House Party by Janet Michael

http://www.thetelegram.com/living/2016/1/27/an-unforgettable-all-night-party-4417428.html – The Telegram