Your Role as an Audience Member

Students may be unaware of how disturbing they can be when they talk, eat or move around in their seats during a show – not only to fellow audience members but also to the actors on stage who can see and hear them in the audience.

Audience reaction strongly affects the actors and the quality of the performance on stage. We certainly do not want a passive audience; actors need your response and feed off your laughter, your applause etc… When appropriate, such reactions “fuel their fire” – but that response must be in co-operation with the action on the stage or it is off-putting and distracting to the performers.

In your classroom, before you see the show try an exercise where students play the role of an actor on stage while other students play the role of the audience.

Here are some questions to help prompt discussion during the exercise:

  • When you played the role of actor, how did you feel when an audience member responded appropriately?
  • When you played the role of actor, how did you feel when an audience member displayed negative behaviours?

Please discuss the following RCA Theatre Rules prior to attending the Squawk performance:

  • Because of safety issues, no cameras, cell phones, video cameras or other recording devices are permitted during the performance.
  • Please listen to and respect the instructions given by RCA Theatre personnel. It is also important to communicate these rules to your group, especially in cases of emergencies.
  • The show will begin at the scheduled time. If a group arrives late, the group will be seated at the back of the gym/auditorium so as not to disturb the rest of the audience and the performance.
  • Please have your students remain seated throughout the performance. If you must take students out of the gym/auditorium, please do so quickly and quietly so as not to disturb those around you.

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