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St. John’s Shorts: A Festival of Short Plays – Cashin Avenue/Besties/Grunge is Dead/Apes/The view from Down Here

September 23, 2017


Cashin Avenue by Darren Ivany
Besties by Andrea Dunne

Grunge is Dead by Katherine Sherman
Apes by Cole Hayley
The View From Down Here by Paul David Power



Cashin Ave - PosterCashin Avenue by Darren Ivany

“Cashin Avenue” is the story of a last chance conversation between two underclass lovers, both of whom are desperate for something they’ve never had: Home. When what ‘home’ means to each of them threatens to deepen a divide that’s been growing for years, one of the lovers goes too far in his hunt for a happily ever after. It might mean the end, but it could be a dream come true.
With banter and black humour, “Cashin Avenue” explores the souring of high school sweethearts and how years of poverty and procrastination can push people to their limits. Sardonic, but not without sentiment, “Cashin Avenue” confronts the audience with a relationship near the end of its rope.

Produced by Salt Teeth Theatre Company
Written by Darren Ivany
Featuring Kim Drake, Darren Ivany
Directed by Reg Hoskins


BestiesBesties by Andrea Dunne

Besties Amy and Ruth are giving their farewell performance as a Burlesque duo before Ruth goes away to grad school in Onterrible and Amy stays put and “becomes a teacher or something.” It’s a night where it feels like anything is possible – whether that be teasing your relationship to the next level or letting loose the inner sex goddess you always knew (hoped) you could be. One way or another, by the end of the after-party everything is coming to a climax.

Produced by And/Or Productions
Featuring Susan Kelsey, Elizabeth Hicks, Darren Ivany, Brandon Hillier
Written and Directed by Andrea Dunne


Grunge is Dead. ApesGrunge is Dead by Katherine Sherman

Grunge is Dead, tells the story of two strung out friends coming to terms with life and death.

Produced by Under the Bridge Productions
Featuring Laura Huckle, Michael Rodri Smith
Directed by Jamie Skidmore

Apes by Cole Hayley

Apes, by Newfoundland playwright Cole Hayley, is the story of a bad celebrity impersonator and a grieving widow stuck in the first stage of mourning: denial.

Produced by Under the Bridge Productions
Featuring Laura Huckle, Michael Rodri Smith
Directed by Jamie Skidmore


The View From Down HereThe View From Down Here by Paul David Power

In this original stand-up style piece, Newfoundland artist Paul David Power shares his comical and sometimes poignant experiences growing up and living with a disability in Newfoundland.

Produced by Power Productions
Written and Performed by Paul David Power
Directed by Janet O’Reilly


September 23, 2017