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May 11, 2019

HungerSaturday May 11th

In Hunger, Greeley skillfully explores the tenuous relationship between selflessness and survival. Hunger establishes the familiar trope of the praiseworthy couple that risks life and limb to hide an oppressed group from the authorities. Then, brilliantly and disturbingly, it reveals these characters as self-serving and potentially monstrous. Beneath the facade of civilization and in extreme circumstances, anyone may be capable of horrific behaviour. The play does judge the character’s hidden natures, only to reveal them. Hunger explores that murky territory and goes even deeper into the very nature of supposedly benevolent acts and those who purport to undertake them. That Greeley does so with deft humour is truly astonishing. The cast includes Greg Malone, Deirdre Gillard Rowlings, Meghan Greeley, and Santiago Guzman. Directed by Michael Waller, produced by Ruth Lawrence, and designed by Lois Brown, Jamie Skidmore, and Melanie Ozon.


May 11, 2019